In the beginning, there was cod.  It was plentiful, and a source of wealth that, in many ways, built what is now Norway.

Welcome to a web page aimed at exploring the history of Northern Norway through an inquisitive, hands-on approach.  As this site grows, I will be sharing projects, articles on varous aspects of Norwegian history, and open a window showing the climate and nature of Northern Norway through photographs. 

I am a member of the SCA, an international reenacting organization.  For links to more information, see the about page.

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Thrums, threads and thoughts for Thora

The purpose of Thrums, threads and thoughts for Thora is to give me a space to explore my process of learning history.  As I work through new projects or read new-to-me research, I stumble across little details or wonder about the whys and wherefores.

From Flateyjarbok: King Haraldr Hárfagri and Halvdan svarte

From Flateyjarbok: King Haraldr Hárfagri and Halvdan svarte

Articles about Medieval Names from Norway and resources for further research and documentation.

Documentation for projects and other articles on historical topics.

Information about the A&S 50 challenge and blogs for my current two challenges.

A little background information about myself and my interest in Medieval reenactment.


Visit my boards for artwork, artefacts, books, and other interesting pins.  I especially recommend the Period is not Perfect board for examples of poor construction, errors, quick-fixes and botched jobs in extant finds prior to the mid-17th c.
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