Puzzling over D10606


I’m doing cutting Tetris for a Greenlandic D10606 hood. It is C14 dated to roughly the period of my 1335 hood reference, so is the first prototype for some ideas I have for materials and construction. And as I work, more observations and questions pop up.

I observe that these gores, small as they are, also follow the bias-to-on-grain system of the gowns. I’m wondering about the shape of the inset point for the lirpipe, and how it mirrors some of the tips of the center gores on the dresses. Also, what is going to be the best order for the seams? ...and, and, and many more thoughts to address in a later post.

The devil is in the details, and working with these hoods is giving me plenty of time for puzzling over the “hows” and “whys”.  Wonder what image emerges as I lay the final pieces?