Golden Egg Challenge the First: A Hood from 1335 Vaagen

After discussion with the Governing Body, I share my first formal Golden Egg Challenge.

A Hood from 1335 Vaagen, Northern Norway

I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

I will undertake to research and create a hood that would plausibly represent one of three hoods from a 1335 marriage contract from Vaagen in Northern Norway. ( “jtem æit kapprun meðr huitum skinnum, ok annat meðr graam skinnum, ok þriðia meðr silki firir tyttughu aura.” The particular line of text describes three hoods, two lined with fur and one lined with silk.

I will pursue a variety of resources seeking to answer the following:

  • What is the context for these hoods– looking at general context for textiles in the first half of the 14th century in Norway?
  • What extant hoods can inform this project and why are these relevant?
  • What other sources can be used to inform this project (for example manuscripts) and why are these relevant?
  • What are the defining qualities of the cloth, such as fiber qualities, weave structure, post-weaving processing, dyeing, imported vs domestic production?
  • What are the qualities of the linings mentioned in the diploma and where were these sourced?

The following criteria will allow for concrete measurement of success for this challenge:

  • Production of at least one hood (design, weaving of meterwares, work with fur and/or silk lining)
  • Production of display materials presenting the research, trials and production of the hood(s)
  • Publication of posts on my blog sharing the research and trials as the challenge progresses. Summary page featuring posts for this challenge can be found here (


The phases of this project will have some overlapping, and the practical portion be defined by the research.  The guiding timeline is: research (July-November 2017), weave sampling and hood prototyping (December 2017-January 2018), Weaving and finishing of cloth (January-February 2018), Sewing of hood and fur/silk lining (February-March 2018), Remaining finishing work and completion of presentation materials (April-May 2018), Presentation of completed challenge (June 2018)

Completion and Presentation

I plan to complete and present this challenge at Drachenwald 25 year celebration (June 2018)