Hair yarn heaven!!!

A package arrived today and I am in fiber geek heaven!

Let's start at the beginning, fully 20 years ago.  I attended my first SCA event here in Europe, Double Wars down in southern Sweden, and met some fantastic people.  Two of them gifted me two skeins, one blue and one yellow, of some very special yarn, already hard to source at that point.  I am thrilled to death to have been able to purchase a whopping 5.7 kg more after a fortuitous glance at FB the other morning!

The yarn is Swedish Bergå Hårgarn, natural white.  It is a heavier yarn (NM 1/1) spun of 75% sheep wool, 25% goat hair.  Definitely falls into the 'course interior textile' division, but it will take some time to consider what to weave of it.  Perhaps a rug, a rya (pile rug), or some such.  This will require careful consideration.  And to make for more fun, to dye or not to dye?  Natural white lends itself to natural dyeing, but oh, the decisions to make!  Delicious torture for a fiber geek!