Memories of summer

I'd like to share two pictures from my time at Pennsic this summer, a fondly held memory as we now move into the dark half of the year here in the North.  Both pictures were taken at roughly 3 AM on one of the gorgeous moonlit nights on the corner of Chei Ping Road and Brewer's.

Above shows the fantastic walls of what is commonly known as "Pretty Camp" (for obvious reasons).  The manuscript-inspired cloth walls are real eye candy, as is the rest of their encampment in the daylight.

On the opposite corner is the encampment where I lived, Guild of St. Expeditus.  This year's experimental feature enhances this night skyline: The Tower of Shower.  It is no longer with us, but, as with the whole of Pennsic, it grows from nothing, exists and is filled with life for two weeks, then vanishes again.  It is these kinds of magical moments that keep me hooked on reenacting history.