Herjolfsnes- here I come!

Skálholt map (1570) by Sigurd Stefánsson - Copy by Jörg Schulz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Skálholt map (1570) by Sigurd Stefánsson - Copy by Jörg Schulz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I have decided to join the Herjolfsnes challenge on FaceBook (‘about’ information below).  Many thanks to Elina for the timely initiative!

In some ways I need a new project like a hole in the head… But I have already made 5 items from the finds (2 dresses, 2 hoods and footless hosen), and they are a good fit for Thora in terms of timeframe and climate.  And anyway, it is high time I up my game in terms of research, production and, not least, documentation.  So the first task will be picking a project from the finds and setting up a project plan for completing project within the set 52 weeks.  Choosing a ‘pain’ level will be important as well–  I won’t be spinning, but will I weave cloth and will I dare go for one of the pleated garments?

To be continued...

Information on the challenge, wantonly copied off of FaceBook, with minor tweaks:

To participate in the Herjolfsnes Challenge:

1. Choose am item of clothing from the excavations in Herjolfsnes you will recreate. It can be a dress, cap, hose - take your pick! It can be one of the better preserved items or you can decide to work from a fragment.

Resources on Herjolfsnes:

2. Join this group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1555836511329624/

Publish your plans and tell us which item you plan on making.

3. Create your item based on the original. You can naturally alter the measurements to make the garment fit. But otherwise I do encourage you to be faithful to the originals! If you choose to alter a detail like the length of a sleeve or a fastening, the solution you choose should be found on an item from Herjolfsnes.

4. The item should be made of wool. Otherwise, everyone gets to choose their level of detail in recreating the item - It’s entirely up to you whether you want to use plant-dyed, hand-woven fabric, match dye and the weave of the originals or not. You set your own goals here – we do not judge or look down on anyone due to their choice of project execution mode.

5. Share! Let us in on your progress! The alternatives are endless: upload pictures of how you proceed, share why you chose to do something or post notes on your thought process. Blog about it! Use Pinterest, post stuff on Instagram! Our hashtag is: ‪#‎herjolfsneschallenge‬

6. Ask for help, tips, support and advice in the Facebook group if you feel the need to do so. We’re all here for you, to support you if necessary, and to cheer you on if you get stuck.

7. You have one year to finish. Your efforts will most likely be rewarded with new skills, knowledge and a spiffy textile item!