"Period is not perfect" and playing on Pinterest

I have finally given in and started using Pinterest.  There are really too many forums and interfaces available, and it is not possible to keep up with them all regardless of how interesting they may be.  The choice to use Pinterest relates to provenance.  I would like to make pictures and links available, while remaining respectful of intellectual property.  Finding great pictures ripped out of context is so very frustrating, so I'm aiming to keep myself honest about sources.

I am particularly proud of the "Period is not perfect" board.  As I have said in the description, "Examples of poor construction, errors and botched jobs in extant finds prior to the mid-17th c. It is perfectly period to have errors, quick-fixes and other examples of Less Than Perfection! Let's take heart from these and have fun using and reparing our stuff." I do hope for suggestions for this board!
My general Pinterest boards covers a range of topics, primarily related to Norwegian/Scandinavian topics, as well as links to other interesting blogs.

Go take a look and leave a comment!