12. Website, blog and online dialog

I believe sharing and creating opportunities for dialog about research and practical experiments is an essential part of all academic and artistic pursuits.  This makes the time used on my website and persona blog worthy of one AS 50 entry.

I have two on-line outlets for sharing my research and other projects.  The website More than Cod is still in its infancy, and I have far more ideas for articles than I have time to research and write.  But, as it stands, it gives me a place to collect my project documentation, including my AS 50 blogs, and anything else I want to make available on-line.

A new addition to the site is the persona blog Thrums, threads, and thoughts for Thora.  As I state in the first post:

The purpose of Thrums, threads and thoughts for Thora is to give me a space to explore my process of learning history.  As I work through new projects or read new-to-me research, I stumble across little details or wonder about the whys and wherefores.