Aslak Bolts Jordebok

Jørgensen, J. G.  Aslak Bolts jordebok.  Oslo: Riksarkivet.  1997.

This book is a relatively recent update of the manuscript by P. A. Munch (Aslak Bolts Jordebog, Kristiania 1852.)  This revision involved a full review of the original manuscript and an extensive correction of the 1852 edition.  The 1997 edition is organized with transcription of original text on A-pages (with all additions to complete abbreviations or suppositions where text has poor legibility is in cursive), and modern Norwegian translation on the B. pages.

Aslak Bolt was archbishop of Nidaros (Trondheim, Norway), invested in 1430.  This book was a register over land taxable by the Nidaros bishopric ca. 1432-1433, and has been one of the central historical resources for farm names in Northern Norway.

(information about book taken from introduction)