Middle Norwegian Names from
Diplomatarium Norvegicum Diplom 217 (July 25, 1335)

by Þóra Sumarliðadóttir (Rachel K. Steffensen),
www.morethancod.net - e-mail: medievalcod@gmail.com


This document is a diplom documenting the witnessing of the marriage between Þorlæifr Sigurdar son and Jngibiargh Jwars dottir July 25, 1335 in Vaghom (also known as Vágar, modernly Kabelvåg).  A transcript of this document written in Middle Norwegian is printed in the Diplomatarium Norvegicum and is available online from the National Archives of Norway (see sources below).

A ”diplom” is a document/letter with a set form and the content is generally legal or economic in nature.  The National Archives of Norway (Riksarkivet) has the largest collection with some 13000 documents in its archives. (1)

Given Names

(The alternate forms in parenthesis come from the back side of document and may be more recent than original document)



  • Arne
  • Guðmundr
  • Jwar (Jfuar)
  • Magnus
  • Ogmundr
  • Petr
  • Sigurðr
  • Þorlæifr
  • Þrondr



  • Jngibiargh (Jingiborgh)

Occupational Bynames, with English translation

  • bonde (English: farmer)
  • prestr (English: priest)

Locative Bynames, with Modern Place Name

  • a Þrondar nese (mod.: Trondernes, near Harstad)
  • a Stæigh (mod.: Steig)
  • j Vaghom (mod.: Vågan)
  • a Borghom (mod.: Borge)
  • a Lundi (mod.: Lund)
  • a Stæini (mod.: Steine)

Complete Names as They Appear in the Text

Only unique spellings are listed.  Warning: some are in inflected form (*) and cannot be used directly as given names with these spellings.  See the “Given Names” chart at the beginning of this document.



  • Guðmundr prestr
  • Arne prestr a Stæigh
  • Ogmundr prestr j Vaghom
  • Arne prestr a Borghom
  •  Magnusar (*)
  • Þrondr a Lundi
  • Petr a Stæini
  • Þorlæifr
  • Þorlæifs Sigurdar sonar (*)
  • Sigurðr bonde



  •  Jngibiarghar Jwars dottor (*)
  • Jngibiorgho (*)
  • Jingiborgh Jfuars dottor (written on back of document at unknown later date)

Other Interesting Things, with English translation

In this table other linguistic oddities have been collected.

  • a Jakops vaku dagh (modern Norwegian: “på jakobs våkedagen”  Vigil of St. James the Greater/ July 25th)
  • a sextanda are rikis vars virdulegs herra Magnusar meðr guðs miskunn Noregs Swia ok Gota konongs (English: in the sixteenth year of the reign of our honorable lord Magnus, by the grace of God, king of Norway, the Swedes and the Goths.)


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Diplomatarium Norvegicum. Nummer 217.  Dato 25 Juli 1335.  Sted Vaagen.  Bind IV, s. 190-191.  URL: http://www.dokpro.uio.no/perl/middelalder/diplom_vise_tekst.prl?b=3689&s=n&str= Accessed March 08, 2014.

(1) “Middelalderdokumenter”   http://www.arkivverket.no/arkivverket/Bruk-av-arkiv/Arkiv-og-samlinger/Samlinger/Middelalderdokumenter Accessed: March 07, 2014.


Middle Norwegian Names from Diplomatarium Norvegicum Diplom 217 (July 25, 1335) by Rachel Steffensen (also known as Þóra Sumarliðadóttir) is liscensed under a  Creative Commons Navngivelse-IkkeKommersiell-DelPåSammeVilkår 4.0 Internasjonal Lisens.