My  Skoldehamn Blanket Reconstruction , at the site of the Skjoldeham burial on Andøya.

My Skoldehamn Blanket Reconstruction, at the site of the Skjoldeham burial on Andøya.

Thrums, Threads and Thoughts for Thora

Thrums, Threads and Thoughts for Thora is my primary channel for sharing.  Here, I’ll share process work, documentation of smaller projects, news, links to interesting information… I hope to make tags available soon for ease of browsing.
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This is my journey exploring historical material culture.

*Disclaimer*: Because of the heavy Northern Norwegian medieval focus for my research and trials related to reenactment, I may make statements or pose points of view connected to my persona that may seem counter to prevailing knowledge of how things were or were done further down in the Continent or Isles. This happens when taking a road less traveled.  I'm started on a path paved with as much research as possible, but there are huge holes in both source material as well as relevant research to build on. But I'm happily chipping away at it and welcome any information others can give. If you're curious, please ask. If you have information you think I should know, please share. Really, there's just too much to learn and, happily, the more I learn, the less I *know*!

The A&S 50 Challenge (ended)

This challenge was created by Lady Albreda Aylese in order to "to learn and share of our learning; to create and share of our creation."  Her vision and links to the yahoo group can be found here, and the FaceBook group here.  Each challenge is personal, we are responsible for defining our challenge, deciding what constitutes a completed task and when a challenge is done.  The only date we have to consider is the end date when the Society turns 50 years old: May 1, 2015.

I joined the Challenge on January 20, 2010 and wrote the 'challenge statements' given under each challenge, with a few minor tweaks since.  The joy of this challenge is the focus on learning and process rather than rigid rules.  Click on the blog title to view the entries with full text and all of the pictures.  The galleries below will collect one picture from each of the 50 projects in the challenge.  This is an exciting opportunity to see my progress over time.

The challenge is now over.  I have done many more projects than I managed to present in the blogs.  I may add new posts on these in the future, and make comment on it via Thrums, Threads and Thoughts for Thora.  This challenge was an excellent experience, and helped me get a start in blogging about my projects and research.

A&S 50 Challenge: Persona

Persona-related depth challenge.  To this end I will build on my research and fiber skills base to produce garb/textiles and other necessary articles founded in research with a focus on Northern Norway, its history and natural resources.  Additionally, I will prepare short informative papers on relevant historical topics.
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A&S 50 Challenge: Cooking

Breadth challenge in cooking:  Prepare 50 dishes based on redactions from period sources in order to familiarize myself with period cooking methods and ingredients.  I will also explore period techniques and tools.
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